Everyday review | London Film Festival 2012

Stars: Shirley Henderson, John Simm, Stephanie Kirk, Robert Kirk, Shaun Kirk, Katrina Kirk
Screenplay by Laurence Coriat, Michael Winterbottom
Runtime 94 minutes | Directed by Michael Winterbottom

It is a testament to the honesty and power of Michael Winterbottom’s filmmaking that the “gimmick” that will attract much of the press attention for Everyday is actually the device that delivers its intimacy and humanity.

Shot over five years, and using four real siblings (Stephanie, Robert, Shaun and Katrina Kirk), this is a movie about the mundane rituals of life: the trudge to school, the battle to make ends meet, the playground fights, the lonely nights and the despair at not being a united family. But for every rain-soaked scene there is a shaft of light, literal and metaphorical. Continue reading