House season finale shot on Canon 5D Mark II

The producers of ‘House’, one of the most successful and widely viewed TV programmes in the world, have confirmed that the show’s climactic episode in season six has been filmed entirely using Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II DSLR camera, reports Robert Hull.

Co-Executive Producer and Director of ‘House’, Greg Yaitanes, used his Twitter feed to inform fans and followers of the medical drama about this radical departure from traditional programme-making, using film, and to explain the benefits in choosing to shoot with the EOS 5D Mark II. Among a stream of positive comments about the shooting process, Yaitanes said of the camera: “I loved it and feel it’s the future.”

Explaining why he chose to use the EOS 5D Mark II Yaitanes said it was for its “ease of use in tight spaces,” as he indicated that the episode had many hand-held shots or scenes that were shot using a small tripod. He also explained how the results were different from using a traditional camera, with the images being “richer”, while “the shallow focus pulls the actors faces to the foreground,” and admitted, “I was blown away by the depth-of-field.”

The EOS 5D Mark II recently benefited from a Canon firmware update (Version 2.0.4) that, among other improvements, added 24fps and 25fps recording to the camera’s EOS Movie function. Yaitanes has confirmed that the ‘House’ season finale episode was shot at 24 frames per second.

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